Road trip from Buzau to Calimanesti

 driving distance = 194 miles

Driving directions from Buzau to Calimanesti

  Buzau, Romania
DN2BSW    3 miles
5 minutes, 42 seconds
Stalpu, Romania
DN2SW    57 miles1 hour, 4 minutesStefanestii de Jos, Romania
DNCBW    5 miles
6 minutes, 40 seconds
Otopeni, Romania
 SW    4 miles
5 minutes, 50 seconds
Mogosoaia, Romania
 SW    2 miles
3 minutes, 2 seconds
Chitila, Romania
 S    4 miles
6 minutes, 4 seconds
Chiajna, Romania
E81NW    68 miles
57 minutes
Bascov, Romania
 NW    37 miles
59 minutes
Bujoreni, Romania
 N    9 miles
13 minutes
Calimanesti, Romania




 Travel time from Buzau, Romania to Calimanesti, Romania

 How long does it take to drive?
3 hours, 56 minutes

Find out how many hours from Buzau to Calimanesti by car if you're planning a road trip. Compare the flight distance to driving distance from Buzau, Romania to Calimanesti, Romania. Or find out if it's better to fly or drive from Buzau, Romania to Calimanesti, Romania?


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