Road trip from Chicago to Tucson

 driving distance = 1,742 miles

Follow the Chicago to Tucson driving route along I-44 W.

Driving directions from Chicago to Tucson

  Chicago, IL
SW    136 miles2 hours, 1 minuteBloomington, IL
 SW    65 miles
54 minutes
Springfield, IL
 S    90 miles1 hour, 17 minutesEast Saint Louis, IL
 SW    3 miles
4 minutes, 12 seconds
Saint Louis, MO
W    16 miles
15 minutes
Kirkwood, MO
 SW    362 miles5 hours, 11 minutesBroken Arrow, OK
 W    5 miles
5 minutes, 3 seconds
Owasso, OK
 SW    14 miles
13 minutes
Tulsa, OK
 SW    1 mile
1 minute, 2 seconds
Sand Springs, OK
 SW    86 miles1 hour, 14 minutesEdmond, OK
W    5 miles
4 minutes, 49 seconds
The Village, OK
 SW    19 miles
16 minutes
Yukon, OK
W    415 miles5 hours, 58 minutesLas Vegas, NM
S    137 miles2 hours, 11 minutesAlamogordo, NM
SW    68 miles1 hour, 1 minuteLas Cruces, NM
W    270 miles3 hours, 48 minutesTucson, AZ




 Travel time from Chicago, IL to Tucson, AZ

 How long does it take to drive?
24 hours, 13 minutes

Find out how many hours from Chicago to Tucson by car if you're planning a road trip. Looking for alternate routes? Explore all of the routes from Chicago, IL to Tucson, AZ. Compare the flight distance to driving distance from Chicago, IL to Tucson, AZ. Calculate the total cost to drive from Chicago, IL to Tucson, AZ. Or find out if it's better to fly or drive from Chicago, IL to Tucson, AZ?


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