Road trip from Durham to Philadelphia

 driving distance = 399 miles

Driving directions from Durham to Philadelphia

  Durham, NC
NE    124 miles1 hour, 47 minutesPetersburg, VA
N    27 miles
25 minutes
Lakeside, VA
 N    73 miles1 hour, 3 minutesMontclair, VA
 NE    17 miles
16 minutes
Springfield, VA
 NE    6 miles
5 minutes, 14 seconds
Groveton, VA
 E    5 miles
5 minutes, 26 seconds
Alexandria, VA
N    5 miles
5 minutes, 45 seconds
Washington, DC
NE    5 miles
6 minutes, 25 seconds
Mount Rainier, MD
NE    11 miles
11 minutes
South Laurel, MD
 NE    8 miles
8 minutes, 2 seconds
Severn, MD
 NE    9 miles
8 minutes, 32 seconds
Brooklyn Park, MD
NE    10 miles
12 minutes
Rosedale, MD
NE    49 miles
43 minutes
Brookside, DE
 NE    11 miles
10 minutes
Wilmington Manor, DE
 NE    20 miles
19 minutes
Woodlyn, PA
 NE    13 miles
12 minutes
Philadelphia, PA




 Travel time from Durham, NC to Philadelphia, PA

 How long does it take to drive?
6 hours, 14 minutes

Find out how many hours from Durham to Philadelphia by car if you're planning a road trip. Looking for alternate routes? Explore all of the routes from Durham, NC to Philadelphia, PA. Compare the flight distance to driving distance from Durham, NC to Philadelphia, PA. Calculate the total cost to drive from Durham, NC to Philadelphia, PA. Or find out if it's better to fly or drive from Durham, NC to Philadelphia, PA?


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