Road trip from Fremont to Stockton

 driving distance = 67 miles

Driving directions from Fremont to Stockton

  Fremont, CA
N    14 miles
13 minutes
Dublin, CA
E    15 miles
13 minutes
Livermore, CA
 E    5 miles
4 minutes, 34 seconds
Tracy, CA
E    15 miles
12 minutes
Lathrop, CA
N    13 miles
12 minutes
Stockton, CA




 Travel time from Fremont, CA to Stockton, CA

 How long does it take to drive?
1 hour, 13 minutes

Find out how many hours from Fremont to Stockton by car if you're planning a road trip. Should I fly or drive from Fremont, CA to Stockton, CA?


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